June -- Updated the tree. Added several hundred names, mostly from the German, English, and Scotland branches. More than 7,500 names now!



October --Up and running again. I have to learn yet another new web editing software, so updates may take a while. Please be patient and please donate to help keep this website running! I have to redo a lot of pages here, so some things may take some time to fix.

If anyone out there has any old letters from Montarsiccio, or old letters written by or about anyone in the Ratti family, please let me know. If you are willing to provide copies, please email me! I have recently found a few from my grandfathers generation. I will be posting them in a "Letters from Home" page sometime in the future. (If you wish to donate old letters but do not want them posted, I will keep them in the archives).

I added biblical genealogy back to God. (The old testament IS a sounce, after all)! I can now say my family tree goes back to Adam and Eve! and to the big man himself.



Added a branch from Carlos Augusto Ratti from Lima, Peru! Thanks Carlos!

Jacques Ratte sent me an interesting old page from a book that shows a tomb of a 14th century Knight named Jacques Ratte. Check it out in the Research Room. Thanks Jacques!

Revised the article by Enrico Ratti in the Research Room with additional information provided by the author including another Ratti coat-of-arms!  Thanks Enrico!

The Web Fund is negative numbers.  I am currently  attending college full-time  to finish my degree in Environmental Geology.  My budget is very tight, I may have to take this site down for a while  (I refuse to allow advertisers on this site).  If you want to help out with expenses,  please donate whatever you like.  Its simple, a credit card is all you need.   Click on the PayPal button above or on the Branches Page.  Its easy!  Thanks for the support!  Last year, a total of $200 was donated!  Many thanks to our year 2002 contributors William Ratti, Marie O'Connell, Violet Elder, Ernest Ratti and Paulo Ratti.



November--Updated the tree, which included a branch from David Edward Ratti from Vermont and (Pessini) O'Connell from NJ, that included about 200 names, mostly Ferrari and Pessini, and I have added about 300 more names from the Montarsiccio Church Records (mostly Dughi).  THANKS DAVID and MARIE!  Her branch has pushed the number of "leaves" on the tree to over 3000!  Also, ALL of the Ratti, Pessini, and Ferrari records from Montarsiccio are now posted here.  75% of Surname Dughi from the Montarsiccio Church records are now posted here as well.  The remaining 25% will eventually get posted as I find their connections to the tree.  I am currently working on surname Bruni, which makes up a large part of the records from Montarsiccio.  Interesting note:  the Bruni's did not marry into the Ratti-Lusardi-Dughi families for some reason.  Out of 100 or so families I have studied so far, there is only one marriage to one of those families!  I wondMarieer if there was some sort of family feud going on or something...anyone know?  Also about 75% of the Bruni marriages are to other Bruni's!!  Adding those families to the family tree will be an interesting challenge.  On another note,  A few people have been asking about names that do not appear in the index.  Please bear in mind that the names from the Montarsiccio records are in Latin.  I did not translate or change them in any way as they appear in the records.  I did this so that anyone who wishes to verify the information here may do so!  Most of the names in Latin are apparent as to what the translation into English or Italian would be, for example Antonius = Antonio = Anthony.  Some are not that apparent, for example, Aloysius = Luigi = Louis.  I will work on a page that translates the names in Latin to English and Italian and post it with the next update.  I did however, standardize the spellings of the surnames so that they all appear together on the index.  For example Ratti was sometimes spelled Ratis or De Ratis or Rati, Lusardi was sometimes spelled Luxardi in the records.  At first I thought that these may actually be separate surnames, but I discovered spelling variations within the same family even by the same record keeper!  But more often, spelling variations were the result of the whims of the various priests recording the information.  Since I can't interview them, I can only speculate that they must have spelled it how it sounded to them.

August--Updated the tree, which includes few more branches contributed by Theresa Ratti from AZ, Joe Lusardi from NJ, Dave Rotarius from AZ, Violet Elder from MI, and Joe Fortunato from MI.  Links to their branches appear in the (new) Branches Page.  On this page you can see the names of all who donated their Branches, Time or Money to this site!  check it out!  You can also donate money which will be used for paying the registration fees, hosting fees, postage, paper, and anything else that is directly related to this site (except for my time).

July--added the social secrity death index for surname Ratti. I will try and update that page every couple of months.  I also added quite a few photo's to the family album, please take a look!  If you would like to add a photo, E-mail me!  I will be updating the family tree section soon, as I am in the process of adding branches from Michigan and from Arizona.

April--added a LOT (about 800) Lusardi's, Dughi's and Ratti's.  Take a look!  I am currently still working on surname DUGHI,  I plan on doing surname MOGLIA next, then BRUNI.  All of the Lusardi's from Montarsiccio that I could link are now here at this site.  About 200 or so (out of about 800) individuals I was NOT able to link to the tree because the priest decided not to include the names of parents in the records from 1800 to about 1835, this has resulted in a fair amount of families that I was unable to link simply because there were too many possibilities!  Unfortunately unless a new source of information comes to light, it will stay that way.  Any one out there want to take on the civil records at Bedonia?




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